Crash Report Libertor A.N.925, 18 February 1942 (2 of 3)

Crash Report Libertor A.N.925, 18 February 1942 (2 of 3)

Crash Report for Liberator A.N.925 on 18 February 1942 (page 2 of 3)

While we were attending Sergeant Wilson, Wing Commander Gates and Squadron Leader Kerr came on the scene direct from No.4 Site. They stated that Flying Officer Wakefield was suffering from burns and severe shock. He was left in S/Ldr. Kerr's room after anti-shock measures had been taken.

The 'Standard' van arrived at Sick Quarters at approximately 05.00 hours; both patients being received by Sergeant Smith. A.C. Owen remained in Sick Quarters to assist in putting the patients to bed in No.2 Ward. No time was lost in supplying hot water bottles, warm blankets and hot drinks. A sodii bicarbonate solution was applied to the burned areas and the patients made as comfortable as possible in the circumstances.

L.A.C. Underwood returned to the scene of the crash in the 'Standard' van to give any assistance that was necessary.

The ambulance arrived at Sick Quarters some ten minutes later. Firstly P/O Densham and the F/O Bannister were speedily unloaded and carried to the Crash Theatre. Sergeant Wilson was placed approximating the stove in the office, and made as comfortable as the stretcher would allow and supplied with hot water bottles and hot drinks. He was later put to bed in No.2 Ward.It was very apparent that both F/O Bannister and P/O Densham were severely shocked, thus every effort was made to put them into warm beds and supply all available anti-shock measures as speedily a possible. The wounds and burnt areas as far as could be observed were bathed in sodii bicarbonate solution and covered.

Further stretchers and blankets were placed in the ambulance, A.C Maidment being instructed to proceed to the scene again and to contact L.A.C. Underwood and the ?al officers.

In returning from Sick Quarters in the 'Standard' van, L.A.C. Underwood contacted F/O Claydon who was about to reconnoitre the area around the burning wreckage, but was ordered to keep to the path and be wary of the danger of further explosions from the remaining depth charges. After waiting an interval of some minutes he got into the 'Standard' van and proceeded down the path to No.4 Site. He was informed by onlookers that a casualty was present in one of the huts. On making investigation he found F/O. Wakefield in S/Lrd Kerr's room with the medical officer attending him. L.A.G. Underwood was instructed to procure a stretcher and some means of transport. The ambulance arrived at No.4 Site at this point, so with the assistance of A.C. Maidment, the patient was placed on a stretcher, put into the ambulance and conveyed to Sick Quarters with S/Lrd Kerr and A.C. Maidment in attendance. L.A.C. Underwood returned in the 'Standard' van.

During F/O Claydon's tour of inspection via ditches and covering mounds of earth, he mat Wing Commander Gates and Squadron Leader Kerr at variopus poijts which resulted in a complete circuit of the blazing wreckage being made. No evidence could be found to indicate the presence of further casualties. Being satisfied that mothing further could be done by remaining on the scene he ran down the path to the sick quarters.

Flying Officer Wakefield was put into bed alongside the other victims and all possible anti-shock treatment was provided.

The medical officers collaborated, examinng each patient thoroughly and prescribing the necessary prophylactic measures to be put in hand immediately.

All the wounds and burnt areas were cleansed and dressed under the medical officers supervision. Further anti-shock measures were taken as the necessity.

The conveyance of the six patients to hospital was a problem. The co-operation of the R.A.F. Aldergrove was invited in this respect; an agreement was quickly reached whereby our 'Morris' ambulance would take the place of the Aldergrove 'Albion' ambulance. The temporary exchange was effected with no loss of time.

Telephonic confirmation was given that three patients would be accepted by the Stranmillis Military Hospital and three by the 31st General Hospital. Accordingly the three officers were loaded into the Nutt's Corner 'Albion' ambulance

Many thanks to Peter Claydon for sending us these pictures, which belonged to his father, C.W.J. Claydon, who spent much of the war serving as a medical officer with No.120 Squadron at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland.

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