T17 Command Post Vehicle

The T17 Command Post Vehicle (or Tactical Air Control Party Vehicle) was an armoured command vehicle based on the M44 Armoured Personnel Carrier, itself developed from the M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer.

The M18 was the fastest armoured vehicle to see service with the US Army during the Second World War but by the summer of 1944 its 76mm gun was becoming underpowered and it was about to be replaced by the M36 90mm Gun Motor Carriage. In June 1944 work began on converting the M18 into an armoured utility vehicle, with the designation T41. This entered production in October 1944 and 640 were produced. The T41 was standardized as the M39 Armoured Utility Vehicle. The M18 turret was removed and an extra superstructure added. The fighting compartment was open topped.

The M39 was the basis of the M44 Armoured Personnel Carrier. This had side-hinged hatches over the fighting compartment, and could carry 24 troops, but it was rejected as too large.

The M44 was followed by the M44E1, which had the hull raised by 10 inches. This was then given front-hinged hatches, and became the T17 Command Post Vehicle. The T17 was used by the USAF during the Korean War, where it was called the Tactical Air Control Party Vehicle.

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