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4.7in Howitzer on Railway Mount Model 1917
7in Gun on Railway Mount Model 1918
8in Gun on Railway Mount Model 1918
10in Gun on Sliding Railway Mount
12in Gun 50 Calibre Gun on Railway Mount (sliding)
12in Gun on Batignolles Railway Mount (35 calibre)
12in Howitzer on Railway Mount
12in Mortar on Railway Mount Model 1918 (10 caliber)
14in Gun on Railway Mount Model E
Army of God
Browning Automatic Rifle
Colt weapon company
Enfield P14 and M1917 Rifles
Gattling Gun, history of
Green Mountain Boys
M-16 Rifle
M79 Grenade Launcher (Blooper)
MGM-52 Lance Short Range Battlefield tactical support missile system
MGR-1 Honest John Short Range Tactical Battlefield Support Missile System
Rapid Deployment Force, United States (Longer article)
Thompson Sub Machine Gun (1918-1944)
Thompson Sub Machine Gun (Longer Article)