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76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 00/02
76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 02/30
76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 1933
76.2mm Divisional Gun model 1936 (F-22)
76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 1939 (USV)
76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 1942 (ZiS 3)
8in Gun on Railway Mount Model 1918
9cm Feldkanone C/73/91
10in Gun on Sliding Railway Mount
10cm Kanone 04
10cm Kanone 14
10cm Kanone 17
10.5cm leFH 98/09
10.5cm leFH 16
10.5cm leFH 18
10.5cm leFH 18M
10.5cm leFH 18/40
12in Gun on Batignolles Railway Mount (35 calibre)
12in Mortar on Railway Mount Model 1918 (10 caliber)
12.8cm Sf L/61 (Pz Sf V)

15cm Kanone 16 (Krupp)
15cm Kanone 18
15cm Kanone 39
15cm Kanone (Eisenbahn)
15cm lange schwere Feldhaubitz 13
15cm lange schwere Feldhaubitz 13/02
15cm Schwere Feldhaubitz M1893
15cm schwere Feldhaubitz 02
15cm schwere Feldhaubitz 13
15cm schwere Feldhaubitz 18
15cm schwere Feldhaubitz 18/40 or schwere Feldhaubitz 42
15cm schwere Feldhaubitz 36 L/23
15cm schwere Feldhaubitz 37(t)
15cm schwere Feldhaubitz 40
15cm schwere Versuchs-Haubitzen L/13 (Ehrhardt)
15cm Schwere Panzerhaubitze auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen III/IV (Sf) (Hummel)
15cm slG33 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf)
15cm sIG33 (Sfl) auf Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer
15cm sIG33 (Sfl) auf PzKpfw 38(t) ausf H, M/ Grille
15cm Versuchs-Haubitzen 99
15cm versuchs haubitz L/30 (Rheinmetall)
17cm Kanone 18
17cm Kanone (Eisenbahn)
17cm S.K. L/40 ‘Samuel’ in Raderlafette auf Eisenbahnwagen (wheeled carriage on railway wagon)
18.5cm experimental howitzer L/22 (Krupp)
20mm quad AA Tank, Skink (Canada)
20.3cm Kanone (Eisenbahn)
21cm Kanone 12 (Eisenbahn)
21cm Morser (M1899)
21cm Morser L/12 (M1910)
21cm Mörser 18
21cm Versuchs Morser L/10 (Krupp)
21cm Versuchs Morser L/12 (Rheinmetall)
21cm Versuchs Morser L/15 (Rheinmetall)
24cm Kanone 3
28cm Haubitze L/12
28cm Haubitz L/12 in Räderlafette (i.R)
28cm Haubitze L/14 i.R.
28cm Kanone 5 (Eisenbahn) - ‘schlanke Bertha’ (slim Bertha)
28cm kurze Bruno Kanone (Eisenbahn)
28cm Küstenhaubitze
28cm lange Bruno Kanone (Eisenbahn)
28cm neue Bruno Kanone (Eisenbahn)
28cm schwere Bruno Kanone (Eisenbahn)
30.5cm Howitzer L/17 i.R. (beta unit)
30.5cm Mortar L/8 / Beta-Gerät
30.5cm schwerer Küstenmörser 09/ Beta-Gerät 09
35.5cm Haubitze M.1
3.7cm FlaK auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen IV (Sf)/ Möbelwagen
38cm RW61 auf Sturmmörser Tiger/ Tiger-Mörser/ Sturmmörser
42cm kurze Marinekanon 12 /Gamma-Gerät
42cm kurze Marinekanone 14 L/12 in Räderlafette M-Gerät/ 'Big Bertha'
4.7cm PaK(t) (Sf) auf Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf B tank destroyer
4.7in Howitzer on Railway Mount Model 1917
7in Gun on Railway Mount Model 1918
7.5cm Feldkanone 16 nA
7.5cm leichte Feldkanone/ leFK 18
7.5cm Feldkanone 38
7.5cm Pak40/2 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf)/ Marder II
7.62cm PaK36(t) auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf D
76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 00/02
76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 02/30
7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n/A
7.7cm Feldkanone 16
80cm Kanone (Eisenbahn)
8.8cm Pak43/1 (L/71) auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen III/IV (Sf)/ Hornisse/ Nashorn


A Class Destroyers (1912)
A1N, Nakajima
A2, Vickers Medium Tank Mk I
A2N, Nakajima
A3N, Nakajima
A4N, Nakajima
A5M 'Claude', Mitsubishi
A6M Reisen (Zero) ‘Zeke’ or ‘Zero’, Mitsubishi
A6, Medium Tank
A7M Reppu (Hurricane) ‘Sam’, Mitsubishi
A7V Battle Tank (Germany)
A9, Cruiser Tank Mk I
A10, Cruiser Tank Mk II
A14, Cruiser Tank
A16, Cruiser Tank
A23, Cruiser Tank
A26, Cruiser Tank
A28, Cruiser Tank
A29, Cruiser Tank
A30, Cruiser Tank Challenger
A31,Cruiser Tank
A32, Cruiser Tank
A34 Cruiser Tank Comet
A35, Cruiser Tank
A-3, Curtiss
A-3, Douglas Skywarrior
A7, Medium Tank
A8, Medium Tank
A-8 Shrike, Curtiss
A-10, Fairchild (Warthog)
A-12 Shrike, Curtiss
A13 Cruiser Tank Mk III
A13 Mk II Cruiser Tank Mk IV
A13 Mk III Cruiser Tank Mk V, Covenanter
A15 Cruiser Tank Mk VI, Crusader
A-17, Northrop
A-18 Shrike, Curtiss
A-20 Havoc, Douglas
A-24 Banshee, Douglas
A24 Cruiser Tank Mk VII, Cavalier
A-25 Shrike, Curtiss
A-26/ B-26, Douglas Invader
A-28 Hudson, Lockheed
A-29 Hudson, Lockheed
A-33, Douglas
Aaron Ward, USS (DD-132)/ HMS Castleton
Abae, battle of, c.352 BC
Abbot, USS (DD-184)/ HMS Charlestown
Abel P Upshur (DD-193), USS/ HMS Clare
Abensberg, battle of, 20 April 1809
Abercrombie class monitors
Abercromby, James, general
Abercromby, Sir Ralph, 1734-1801
Aboukir, First battle of, 25 July 1799
Abraham Island (Ennugarret), occupation of, 31 January 1944
Adramyttium or Assus, siege, c.367-6 BC
Adwa, battle of, 1-2 March 1896
Abydos, battle of, 411 BC
Abydos, battle of, 322 B.C.
AC-47A gunship, Douglas
Acerrae, siege of, 90 BC
Achaemenes/ Haxamanish, king of Persis, fl. early 7th C. BC
Acilla, siege of, January 46 BC
Aclea, battle of, 851 (England)
Acre, siege of, August 1189-12 July 1191
Active class scout cruisers
Active, HMS
Act of Accord, 25 October 1460
Adachi, Lieutenant General Hatazo, 1890-1947
Admiralty Islands, invasion of, 29 February-25 March 1944
Adventure class scout cruisers
Adwalton Moor, battle of. 1643
Abydos, battle of, 322 B.C.
Abydos, siege of, 200 B.C.
Adys, siege of, 256 B.C.
Adys, battle of, 256 B.C.
Aeclanum, siege of, 89 BC
A.E.G. B.I
A.E.G. C.I
A.E.G. C.V
A.E.G. D.I
A.E.G. Dr.I
A.E.G. G.I
A.E.G. G.V
A.E.G. J.I
A.E.G. R.I
Aegates Islands, battle of the, 241 BC
Aegitium, battle of, 426 BC
Aegospotami, battle of, 405 BC
Aerial, the evacuation from north western France, 15-25 June 2008
Aesernia, siege, 90 BC
Aesis River, battle of, 82 BC
AEthelfrith, king of Northumbria, (-616)
Afghan War, third, 1919
Afranius, Lucius, d.46 BC
Agagia, battle of 26 February 1916
Agesilaus II, king of Sparta, c.444-360 BC
Agincourt, battle of, 1415
Agincourt, HMS
Agis III, King of Sparta (d.330 BC)
Agnadello (nr Lodi), 14 May 1509
Ago C.I
Ago C.II
Ago C.IV
Ago S.I
Agrigentum, siege and battle of, 262 B.C.
Agrigentum, sack of, 254 B.C.
Aichi AB-2 Experimental Catapult-Launched Reconnaissance Seaplane
Aichi AB-3 Experimental Single-Seat Reconnaissance Seaplane
Aichi B7A Ryusei (Shooting Star) 'Grace' Torpedo Bomber
Aichi D1A Dive Bomber 'Susie'
Aichi D3A 'Val'
Aichi E3A1 Navy Type 90-1 Reconnaissance Seaplane (HD 56)
Aichi E12A
Aichi E13A 'Jake'
Aichi E16A Zuiun 'Paul'
Aichi Experimental Three-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane (HD-28)
Aichi Experimental Type 15-Ko Reconnaissance Seaplane (Mi-go)
Aichi Experimental Type-H Carrier Fighter (HD-23)
Aichi H9A Flying-boat trainer
Aichi M6A Seiran
Aichi Navy Type 2 Single-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane (HD-26)
Aichi Navy Type 2 Two-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane (HD-25)
Aichi S1A Denko (Bolt of Light) Night Fighter
Ailaish, battle of the, 1499
Airacobra, Bell P-39
Airacomet, Bell P-59
Airco D.H.1
Airco D.H.2
Airco D.H.3
Airco D.H.4
Airco D.H.5
Airco D.H.6
Airco D.H.7 Fighter
Airco D.H.8 C.O.W. Gun Fighter
Airco D.H.9
Airco (Westland) D.H.9A
Airco D.H.10 Amiens
Airco D.H.11 Oxford
Airco D.H.12 Day Bomber
Airco D.H.13 Not Used
Airco D.H.14 Okapi
Airco D.H.15 Gazelle
Aircraft Carriers, British, First World War
Aircraft Designations of the Second World War: Japanese Army
Aircraft Designations of the Second World War: Japanese Navy
Aircraft Designations of the Second World War: US Navy
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Attack Aircraft
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Bombers
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Cargo Aircraft
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Fighters
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Gliders
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Helicopters
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Observation and Liaison
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Reconnaissance
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Trainers
Aircraft Designations of the USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF: Utility
US Army Air Services Aircraft Designations 1920-24
Air Shows as propaganda during the Cold War
Air Superiority
Air Warfare, Brief history of
Air Warfare, Glossary of common abbreviations
Air Warfare, Timeline of
Aisne, battle of the, 57 B.C.
Aisne, First Battle of the, 13-28 September 1914
Aisne, Second Battle of the, 16 April-15 May 1917
Aisne, Third Battle of the, 27 May-3 June 1918
Aisne-Marne Offensive, 18 July-6 August 1918
Aitape, battle of, 22-24 April 1944
Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen), battle of, 2 March 1793
Aix-la-Chapelle, Treaty of (2 May 1668)
Aix-la-Chapelle, Treaty of (18 October 1748
AK-47 Assault Rifle.
Akagi (Red Castle)
Akasaka, siege, c.31 October-20 November 1331
Akasaka, capture of, 28 April 1332
Akasaka, siege of, 18 February-c. 14 March 1333
Akragas, battle of, c.472-1 BC
Alabama, C.S.S.
Alabama, USS (BB 60)
Alagon, battle of, 14 June 1808
Alam Halfa, battle of, 31 August-7 September 1942
Alaska Class Cruisers
Alaska, USS (CB-1)
Albacore, Fairey
Alba de Tormes, battle of, 28 November 1809
Alba de Tormes, combat of, 10-11 November 1812
Albany, John Stuart, 2nd Duke of, 1481/4-1536
Albany, USS (CA-123/ CG-10)
Albatros B.I
Albatros B.II
Albatros B.III
Albatros C.I
Albatros C.II Gitterschwanz (lattice tail)
Albatros C.III
Albatros C.IV
Albatros C.V
Albatros C.VI
Albatros C.VII
Albatros C.VIII N
Albatros C.IX
Albatros C.X
Albatros C.XII
Albatros C.XIII
Albatros C.XIV
Albatros C.XV
Albatros D.I
Albatros D.II
Albatros D.III
Albatros D.IV
Albatros D.V
Albatros D.VII
Albatros D.IX
Albatros D.X
Albatros D.XI
Albatros D.XII
Albatros Dr.I
Albatros Dr.II
Albatros G.I
Albatros G.II
Albatros G.III
Albatros J.I
Albatros J.II
Albatros W.1/ B.II-W
Albatros W.2
Albatros W.3
Albatros W.4
Albatros W.5
Albatros W.8
Albatross, de Havilland D.H.91
Albeck, battle of, 11 October 1805
Albemarle, HMS
Albergaria Nova, combat of, 10 May 1809
Albert, battle of, 25-29 September 1914
Albert, battle of, 1-13 July 1916
Albert Island (Ennumennet), occupation of, 31 January 1944
Albeyda, combat of, 15 March 1813
Albion, HMS
Albuera, battle of, 16 May 1811
Albuera, battle of, 16 May 1811: Armies
Alcala la Real, combat of, 28 January 1810
Alcañiz, combat of, 26 January 1809
Alcañiz, battle of, 23 May 1809
Alcantara, combat of, 14 May 1809
Alcoentre, skirmish at, 8 October 1810
Alcolea, battle of, 7 June 1808
Aldaya, combat of, 26 December 1811
Aldea da Ponte, combat of, 27 September 1811
Alden, USS (DD-211)
Aldenhoven, battle of, 1 March 1793
Alecto self-propelled gun
Alemquer, combat of, 9 October 1810
Alencon, Charles IV, Duke of 1489-1525
Aleppo, siege, 30 December 1174-March 1175
Alesia 52 BC
Alessandria or Cassina-Grossa, battle of, 20 June 1799
Alessandria, convention of, 15 June 1800
Alessandria, siege of, 25-29 August 1499
Alexander, Field Marshal Harold, 1891-1969
Alexander I of Macedon, fl.507-463 BC, r.498-463 BC
Alexander II of Macedon, r.369-368/7 BC
Alexander the Great (356BC-323BC) (Alexander III of Macedon)
Alexander I, Tsar of Russia, 1777-1825 (r.1801-1825)
Alexander VI, Pope, c.1431-1503 (pope 1492-1503)
Alexandria, siege of, August 48-January 47 BC
Alexandria, siege of, April-August 1167
Alexandria, siege of, 29 July- 2 August 1174
Alford, battle of, 2 July 1645 (Scotland)
Aljubarotta, battle of, 14 August 1385 (Portugal)
Allemand, Zacharie Jacques Théodore, 1762-1826
Allen, Ethan, (1738-1789
Allen, USS (DD-66)
Allen Island (Ennubirr), occupation of, 31 January 1944
Allenby, Edmund Henry, first Viscount Allenby of Megiddo, 1861-1936, British General
Allia, 18 July 390 B.C.
Alma, battle of the 20 September 1854 (Crimea)
Almaraz, combat of, 18 May 1812
Almazan, combat of, 10 July 1810
Almeida, siege of, 25 July-27 August 1810
Almeida, siege of, 7 April-10 May 1811
Almonacid, battle of, 11 August 1809
Alnwick, battle of, 1093
Alnwick, battle of, 1174
Alnwick Castle, siege of, July 1462
Alnwick Castle, siege of, December 1462-6 January 1463
Alp Arslam (1029-1072), Seljuk Sultan (1063-1072)
Altenkirchen, first battle of, 4 June 1796
Altenkirchen, second battle of, 19 September 1796
Altmark incident, 16 February 1940
Altmark, truce of, 12 September 1629
Alton, battle of, 13 December 1643
Altranstadt, Treaty of, 24 September 1706
Alva River, passage of, 17-18 March 1811
Alviano, Bartolomeo d' (1455-1515)
Alvinczy, Joseph, Freiherr von Berberek, 1735-1810
Alvis Vehicles FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier (UK)
Aylwin, USS (DD-47)
Alyzeia, battle of, June or July 375 BC
Amakusa Shiro (died 1638)
Amarante, defence of, 7 April-2 May 1809
Amathus, siege of, c.498-7 BC
Amberg, battle of, 24 August 1796
Ambiorix, fl.54-53 B.C.
Amboise, conspiracy of, March 1560
Amboise, Edict of, 18 March 1563
Ambrosio, Vittorio, 1879-1958
Ambur, battle of, 3 August 1749
Ameer, HMS
American Civil War: Introduction
American Civil War: The War of Amateurs
American Civil War: The Eastern Front: Washington and Richmond
American Civil War: The Shenandoah Valley
American Civil War: Invading the North
American Civil War: Clearing the Mississippi
American Civil War: Tennessee and Kentucky
American Civil War: Sherman's March through the Confederacy
American Civil War: The Blockade and the War at Sea
American Civil War: The West
American Civil War: Conclusion
American Civil War Timeline: 1861
American Civil War Timeline: 1862
American Civil War Timeline: 1863
American Civil War Timeline: 1864
American Civil War Timeline: 1865
American War of Independence (1775-1782)
Amethyst, HMS
Amherst, Jeffrey, 1717-1797, first baron Amherst (1776), Field Marshal (1796)
Amiens, battle of, 8 August-3 September 1918
Amiens, fall of, 11 March 1597
Amiens, Peace of; 27th March 1802
Amiens, siege of, April-25 September 1597
Amiot 140
Amiot 141
Amiot 142
Amiot 143
Amiot 144
Amiot 145
Amiot 146
Amiot 147
Amiot 340
Amiot 350
Amiot 351
Amiot 352
Amiot 353
Amiot 354
Amiot 355
Amiot 356
Amiot 357
Amistad Mutiny, 1839
Ammen, USS (DD-35)
Amnias River, battle of, 89 B.C.
Amorgos, battle of, July 322 B.C.
Amphion, HMS
Amphipolis, battle of, 422 B.C.
Amphipolis, siege of, 357 BC
Amphissean War or Fourth Sacred War, 339-338 BC
Amroha, battle of, 20 December 1305
Amsterdam, USS (CL-59)
Amsterdam, USS (CL-101)
Amstetten, battle of, 5 November 1805
AMR 33, Renault
AMR 35, Renault
AMX-30 Main Battle Tank (France)
AMX 38 (Medium Tank)
AMX R 40 (Light Tank)
Amyntas I, fl.508-498 BC
Ana, battle of the River, 79 BC
Anami, General Korechika, 1887-1945
Ancona, battle of, 17-18 July 1944
Ancona, siege of, 18-29 September 1860
Ancre, battle of the, 13-19 November 1916
Ancre Heights, battle of the of 1 October-11 November 1916
Ancyra, battle of, 240 or 239 B.C.
Andalusia, French invasion of, January-February 1810
Anders, General Wladyslaw, 1892-1970
Anderson, Major General Frederick, 1905-1969
Anderson, Richard Heron, 1821-1879
Andijan, siege of, to February 1498
Andijan, siege of, 1499
Andréossy, Antoine François, Count, 1761-1828
Andrew, Lt Col L W, V.C.
Andrews, Frank Maxwell, 1884-1943
Andros, battle of, 246 or 245 B.C.
Andros, siege of, c.480 BC
Angaur and Ulithi, battle for, (Operation Stalemate II), September 1944
Angers Agreement, July 1470
Anglo Burmese War, First, 1823-26
Anglo-Dutch War, First (1652-1654)
Anglo-Dutch War, Second (1665-1667)
Anglo-Dutch War, Third (1672-1674)
Angora or Ankara, battle of, 28 July 1402
Angoulême, Louis Antoine de Bourbon, Duc d', 1778-1844
Anhalt, Christian I, Prince of
Anio, battle of the, 437 or 428 B.C.
Annapolis, HMCS/ USS Mackenzie (DD-175)
Antalcidas, Peace of or King's Peace, Spring 386
Anthony, USS (DD-172/ DM-12)
Antietam, battle of, 17 September 1862
Antigonus I Monophthalmus (one-eye) (382-301 BC)
Antioch, crusader siege of, 21 October 1097-3 June 1098
Antioch, Kerboga's siege of, 5-28 June 1098
Antipater (397-319 BC)
Antonov An-24 'Coke'
Antonov An-26 'Curl'
Antonov An-30 'Clank'
Antonov, General Aleksei I., 1896-1962
Antwerp, Third Battle of, 1-10 October 1914
Anzio, battle of (Operation Shingle), 22 January-5 June 1944
Aous, battle of the, 198 B.C.
Apamama, battle of, 21-25 November 1943
Apamea, peace of, 188 B.C.
Apollonia, battle near, 220 BC
Apollonia, battle of, 381 BC
Apollo class second class cruisers
Appease, Operation - the battle of Talasea, 6-11 March 1944
Aquae Sextiae, battle of 102 BC
Aquillius, Manius, d.88 B.C.
Araçena, combat of, 26 May 1810
Arado Ar 64
Arado Ar 65
Arado Ar 66
Arado Ar 67
Arado Ar 80
Arado Ar 96
Arado Ar 198
Arado Ar 234 Blitz
Arado Ar 296
Arado Ar 396
Arado SD I
Arado SD II
Arado SD III
Arado SSD I
Arakcheyev, General Aleksey Andreyevich, Count, 1769-1834
Aranjuez, combat of, 5 August 1809
Arar, battle of the, June 58 BC
Arausio, battle of, 6 October 105 BC
Arawe, 15 December 1943-16 January 1944
Arbedo, battle of, 30 June 1422 (Italy)
Arbiter, HMS
Archangel, raid on, 6-7 July 1701
Archer Mk I Tank Destroyer (Vickers)
Archidamus III, king of Sparta, r.359-338 BC
Arcis-sur-Aube, battle of, 20-21 March 1814
Arcola, battle of, 15-17 November 1796
Arcot, capture and siege, September-November 1751
Ardennes, battle of the, 20-25 August 1914
Areizaga, General Carlos, - 1816
Arethusa class light cruisers
Arethusa HMS
Arezzo Line, battle of the, 3-18 July 1944
Arginusae, battle of, 406 BC
Argolas, battle of, Spring 354 BC
Argylle, John Campbell, second duke of Argylle (1678-1743)
Ariete Main Battle Tank (Italy)
Ariksaka Model 1905 Rifle (Meji 38th Year Type)
Arima, Rear Admiral Masafumi, 1895-1944
Ariobarzanes, satrap of Phrygia, d.c.360
Ariovistus, fl.61-58 B.C.
Aristagoras of Miletus, d.c. 497-6 BC
Arizona, USS (BB 39)
Arkansas Post, battle of, 10-11 January 1863
Arkansas, USS (BB 33)
Ark Royal, HMS, 1937-1941
Arles, siege of, 507-508
Armagnac, Louis d', Duke of Nemours, 1472-1503
Armentières, battle of, 13 October-2 November 1914
Armour, Napoleonic
Armstrong Whitworth
Armstrong Whitworth A.W. 38 Whitley
Armstrong Whitworth A.W. 41 Albemarle
Army of God
Army, Russian, 1990s - Longer article (Peter Antill)
Army Type 87 Light Bomber (2MB1), Mitsubishi
Army Type 92 Heavy Bomber, Mitsubishi Ki-20
Army Type 92 Reconnaissance Aircraft (2MR8), Mitsubishi
Army Type 99 Twin-engined Light Bomber (Lily), Kawasaki (Ki-48)
Arnay-le-Duc, battle of, 25 June 1570
Arnhem, battle of see Market Garden, Operation September 17 - 27 1944
Arnhofen, combat, 19 April 1809
Arni, battle of 3 December 1751
Arnim, Colonel General Hans-Jürgen von, 1889-1962
Arno Line, battle of, 23 July-31 August 1944
Arnold, General Henry Harley 'Hap', 1886-1950
Arques, battle of, 21 September 1589
Arras, second battle of, 9 April-17 May 1917
Arrogant class second class cruisers
Arses (r.November 338-June 336 BC)
Arsuf, battle of, 7 September, 1191
Artabanus or Ardaban (d.465/464 BC)
Artabazus (fl.362-328 BC)
Artaphernes the Elder (fl.500-492 BC)
Artaphernes the Younger (fl.490-480 BC)
Artaxerxes I, (r.464-425 BC)
Artaxerxes II (r.404-359 BC)
Artaxerxes III, r.359-338 BC
Artemisium, battle of, 480 BC
Artillery, Napoleonic
Artois, first battle of, 27 September-10 October 1914
Artois, second battle of, 9 May-18 June 1915
Arundel Island, battle of, 27 August-20 September 1943
Arzobispo, combat of, 8 August 1809
Asan or Phung-Tao, battle of, 25 July 1894
Ascalon, battle of, 12 August 1099 (First Crusade)
Aschaffenburg, battle of, 14 July 1866 
Asculum, siege of, 90-89 BC
Ascurum, battle of, 46 BC
Asfara, siege of, May-June 1495
Ashdown, battle of, 871
Ashigaru (Japan)
Ashingdon, battle of, 1016
Ashoka, fl.269-232
Asopius, son of Phormio, d.428 BC
Aspern-Essling, battle of, 21-22 May 1809
Aspis, siege of, 256 B.C.
Assault Tank M4A3E2 'Jumbo'
Assault Tank T14
Astley, Jacob, Lord (1579-1652)
Astorga, combat of, 9 October 1809
Astorga, siege of, 21 March-22 April 1810
Astorga, siege of, 2 July-18 August 1812
Astoria, USS (CA-34)
Astoria, USS (CL-90)
Astraea class light cruisers
Astura, battle of, 338 BC
AT-3, Boeing
AT-15 Crewmaster, Boeing
AT-18 Advanced Trainer, Lockheed
Atheling, HMS
Athens, siege of, to 404 BC
Athens, siege of, autumn 87-summer 86 B.C.
Atlanta, battle of, 22 July 1864
Atlanta Class Cruisers
Atlanta, USS (CL-51)
Atlanta, USS (CL-104)
Atlantic XHB-2
Attacker, HMS
Atuatuci, siege of the, Autumn 57 B.C.
Atuatuca, battle of, October 54 B.C.
Aubers Ridge, battle of, 9-10 May 1915
Aubigny, Bernard Stuart, Seigneur of, c.1452-1508
Audacious HMS
Audax, Hawker
Auerstädt, battle of, 14 October 1806
Augereau, Marshal Pierre-François-Charles, 1757-1816
Aughrim, battle of,
Augsberg, combat of, 17 August 1796
Augusta, USS (CA-31)
Aum Shinrikyo Cult
Aumale or Bresle, action on the, 3 February 1592
Auneau, battle of, 24 November 1587
Aufklarungspanzer 38(t) (Sdkfz 140/1)
Aurora HMS
Auster, British Taylorcraft
Australia, HMAS
Austro-Prussian/ Seven Weeks War, June-August 1866
Austerlitz, battle of, 2 December 1805
Austrian Succession, War of the (1740-18 October 1748
Autophradates, satrap of Lydia (fl.c.390-330 BC)
Avalanche, Operation, the battle of Salerno, 9-18 September 1943
Avaricum, siege of, 52 BC
Avé, Soult's passage of, 25-26 March 1809
Avenger, Grumman TBF/ TBM
Avenger, Self-Propelled Gun, A30
Averasborough, battle of, 16 March 1865
Avesnes-le-Sec, battle of, 12 September 1793
Avignon, siege of, 500
A. V. Roe and Company (Avro)
Avro 504
Avro Anson
Avro Anson - squadron list
Avro Lancaster
Avro Manchester
Avro Rota
Ayla/ al-Aqaba, siege of, 31 December 1170
Azaz, siege of, 15 May-21 June 1176
Azukizaka, 2nd battle of, 1564