History of War American Civil War Biographies Quiz

American Civil Biography Quiz
A tough test of your knowledge of the lives of some of the most famous commanders

1.) How old was Robert E Lee when he took command of the Army of Northern Virginia?
45 38 53 55

2.) How many siblings did Jeb Stuart have?
4 2 1 9

3.) When did George Custer graduate from West Point?
1858 1860 1861 1857

4.) When was Philip Sheridan born?
1835 1831 1828 1826

5.) What was General Grant’s first name when born?
Ulysses Harold John Hiram

6.) What year did Robert E. Lee die?
1869 1870 1876 1881

7.) Who told Sheridan to “Eat out Virginia clear and clean”?
President Lincoln General Grant George Custer Mrs Sheridan

8.) When did Jeb Stuart graduate from West Point?
1853 1856 1860 1854

9.) Who said of General Grant, “I can’t spare this man, he fights”?
President Lincoln Zachary Taylor Winfield Scott Robert E Lee

10.) Of what disease did General Grant die of?
Throat cancer Lung cancer Heart disease Kidney failure

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