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Here we offer a selection of our favourite books on military history. Some are the books we have used as sources for this site, some are good introductions to their subjects and others are interesting oddities.

We also have a selection of 1,497 longer book reviews.

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The Queen's American Rangers, Donald J. Gara. A history of the unit first raised by Robert Rogers early in the American War of Independence, but that was soon taken from him, and that eventually gained an impressive reputation, become one of only four Loyalist units to be incorporated into the British Army. During that time they took part in a wide range of activities, fighting at some of the major battles of the war (including Yorktown), as well as acting as light infantry and taking part in many of the small scale raids (Read Full Review)
Wellington's Brigade Commanders - Peninsula and Waterloo, Ron McGuigan and Robert Burnham. A very useful reference work giving four or five page biographies of the surprisingly large group of men who commanded brigades in Wellington’s armies in the Peninsula or during the Waterloo campaign, covering just over sixty men. Covers a wide range of careers, from men who commanded a brigade for less than a month to those who served under Wellington for most of the Peninsula Campaign and at Waterloo, such as Denis Pack.(Read Full Review)
Medieval Warfare Vol VII, Issue 5: Chaos and  Civil War in Flanders - the death of Charles  the GoodMedieval Warfare Vol VII, Issue 5: Chaos and Civil War in Flanders - the death of Charles the Good. Focuses on the civil war that followed the assassination of Charles the Good in 1127, mainly as seen by the contemporary chronicler Galbert of Bruges, who was actually caught up in the events he described, and provides us with one of the more involving and detailed accounts of a medieval conflict. [read full review]
Medieval Warfare Vol VII, Issue 1: Invasion of the Vikings - Warriors, sailors and heroesMedieval Warfare Vol VII, Issue 1: Invasion of the Vikings - Warriors, sailors and heroes. Looks at a number of less familiar topics, from the Viking invasions of France and Spain to the possible role of woman as warriors, as well as examining the theories for why the Vikings began to raid. Away from the theme includes an interesting eyewitness account of medieval Korea, the use of mining at the siege of Edessa and the appearance of armies of the dead in Medieval literature. [read full review]
Medieval Warfare Vol VII, Issue 3: Jousts and TournamentsMedieval Warfare Vol VII, Issue 3: Jousts and Tournaments. Entirely focuses on the medieval tournament, covering a wide timespan from the First Crusade to the end of the Middle Ages, where the formal tournament made something of a comeback. Includes a look at some most unusual contests, such as the Ghent Crossbow Tournament, the wide appeal of the tournament and the way in which it evolved over time. [read full review]
Medieval Warfare Vol VII, Issue 4: The Battle of Hattin - Fighting for the Holy LandMedieval Warfare Vol VII, Issue 4: The Battle of Hattin - Fighting for the Holy Land. Focuses on the career of Saladin, looking at his place in the Middle East, his greatest successes and the less successful aftermath of the fall of Jerusalem. Also looks at the place of the Crusader Kingdoms in the Middle East, which was more complex than is normally acknowledged, and away from the theme covers the battle of Sandwich and the Teutonic Knights. [read full review]
From Marne to Verdun - The War Diary of Captain Charles Delvert, 101st Infantry 1914-1916, Charles Delvert. The compelling war diaries of a French officer who found in some of the costliest battles of the first half of the First World War, including the battle of the Frontiers, the Marne, the Race to the Sea and most famously at Verdun. Gives us both an insight into life in the French army during the first part of the war, and into some of the costliest battles of the conflict. Mainly light-hearted in tone, the dark moments thus stand out far more (Read Full Review)
Gunfire! British Artillery in World War II, Stig H. Moberg. A very detailed examination of how British artillery operated during the Second World War, focusing on how the guns were actually used, looking at the ballistics of the artillery, how individual guns were aimed and how batteries were combined and controlled to produce the flexible, devastating firepower that made the Royal Artillery the most effective part of the British army during the Second World War, and a genuine battle winning weapon (Read Full Review)
Byzantine Naval Forces 1261-1461 - The Roman Empire's Last Marines, Raffaele D'Amato. Looks at the last naval forces of the Roman Empire, existing for two centuries between the Greek re-conquest of Byzantium and the fall of the city to the Ottomans. Supported by a wide range of colourful examples of Byzantine paintings and manuscript illustrations that give us a really vivid picture of this final period of Roman naval power (Read Full Review)


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