Official Records of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Rebellion: Volume Eleven, Chapter 23, Part 1: Peninsular Campaign: Reports

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No. 14.

Report of Capt. Augustus P. Martin, Battery C Massachusetts Light Artillery, Operations April 5

APRIL 6, 1862.

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to submit the following report of the engagement of the battery under my command on the afternoon of the 5th instant:

About 2.30 o’clock p. m. the right half battery took a position on the Warwick road, within about 1,600 yards of the enemy’s works and barracks, and immediately opened fire upon them, which was briskly returned for an hour, when the enemy and ourselves ceased firing, but the pieces remained in position until about 5 o’clock, when they were relieved by another battery. No injury or loss was sustained by the portion of the battery in this position. The left half battery, under command of First Lieutenant Dunn, was ordered to a position on the Warwick road about three-quarters of a mile south of the position of the right half battery—on a field, with one section of Battery D, Fifth U. S. Artillery—where they engaged the enemy for two or three hours at a distance of about 1,600 yards. The firing was very rapid on both sides. The enemy was very strongly fortified and well covered, while we were in an open space and exposed to view, without any covering whatever.

Two privates, named Charles L. Lord and Edwin N. Lewis, were killed; one corporal and two privates, named Corp. Charles H. Tucker and Privates Freeman Carey and Timothy Donahoe, were wounded, but their wounds were not of a serious character.


Four horses belonging to the battery were killed during the engagement.

The officers and men of the battery behaved well, every man performing his part with coolness and promptness, much more so than could reasonably be expected, considering it was their first experience under fire.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain Battery C, Massachusetts Artillery.


Chief of Artillery, Porter’s Division.

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