Official Records of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Rebellion: Volume Eleven, Chapter 23, Part 1: Peninsular Campaign: Reports

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Report of 27 April - 4 May - 25 June - Indorsement of 9 July

No. 23.

Reports of Col. Henry J. Hunt, commanding Artillery Reserve, of operations April 18—June 25.


Camp Winfield Scott, near Yorktown, April 27, 1862.

GENERAL: I have the honor to submit a report of the services of the artillery reserve for the past week:

On the 18th instant Carlisle’s battery (six 20-pounder Parrotts) was ordered to Battery No. 7, in front of Wynn’s Mill. The position was occupied at daybreak on the 19th, and the men set to work laying platforms and clearing away the wood in front of the embrasures. At 7 o’clock firing was commenced and continued at intervals, setting fire to the enemy’s barracks, disabling two of their guns, and silencing their fire.

Lieut. Durando Russell, of Taft’s battery, Fifth New York Artillery, temporarily attached to the battery, was severely wounded by a fragment of shell; the only casualty from the enemy’s fire.

Carlisle’s battery was relieved on the 20th by Diederichs’ (four 20- pounder Parrotts), which kept up a fire at intervals all day, expending sixty-seven rounds. Captain Diederichs reports that he distinctly saw a conflict going on between two bodies of the enemy’s infantry in the edge of the wood behind their batteries. The same fact was reported to me by some of the pickets in advance of the battery. On the same day (20th) Voegelee’s battery (six 20-pounder Parrotts) occupied No. 3, in front of the White House. He threw a few shells, when the firing was stopped. Captain Voegelee reports that his fire caused 300 or 400 of the enemy, probably a working party, to leave the work. The guns were withdrawn at sunset, the battery being unfinished. Ames’ battery of light 12-pounders replaced Diederichs’. His firing was rather to test his guns than for any other object. The distance (about 1,000 yards) was too great for effective shell-firing.


On the 24th Captain Smead, with one section of his own battery (light 12-pounders), one section of Voegelee’s, and one of Knieriem’s (20-pounder Parrotts) occupied the earthworks (No. 7) to cover a reconnaissance made by Colonel Gove, Twenty-second Massachusetts Volunteers. After the reconnaissance was successfully accomplished the guns were withdrawn under the enemy’s fire. No casualties.

On the 25th Diederichs’ battery, re-enforced by a section of Knieriem’s (six 20-pounder Parrotts), was placed in position in Battery No. 2, and Carlisle’s battery occupied Battery No. 5, which position they still hold. Voegelee, having laid the necessary platforms and the works being completed, occupies No. 3. I inclose herewith the reports of the officers commanding the batteries above referred to. (not found)

Early in the week the cannoneers of two batteries at a time were detailed daily for making gabions and fascines, under direction of General Woodbury.

On Friday this detail was discontinued and the work was commenced in the batteries.

On Friday and Saturday 158 gabions and 11 fascines were prepared. As soon as the necessary preparation can be made and the material procured a regular supply of these articles can be furnished by the batteries not otherwise employed. A number of officers have been daily detailed as assistants in the construction of works, and two officers (Lieutenants Dresser, Fourth U. S. Artillery, and Sinclair, Third U. S. Artillery), are now regularly detailed for engineer duty and employed in the construction of redoubts. The reserve has furnished day and night the teams and drivers necessary for hauling the siege guns, mortars, and material from the landings to the depot and from the depot to the different batteries.

Respectfully your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding.

General W. F. BARRY.

Report of 27 April - 4 May - 25 June - Indorsement of 9 July

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